Sound is revealing itself as one of the great alternatives to achieve cell activation and harmonization, and even as a means to achieve the dissolution of cancer cells with non-invasive methods that allow the dissolution of tumors without the damaging side effects of more aggressive treatments.

One of the pioneers in this sense was the French musician and bioenergy Fabien Maman, who with the help of biologist Helene Grimaud discovered that the energy field of blood cells subject to certain sound frequencies altered their color and shape according to the frequency (note) used. Even applying certain frequencies, different for each individual, on cancer cells they tended to disintegrate. In his book The Role of Music in the twenty-first century, Maman includes fascinating photographs that graphically illustrate the reactions of cells. Maman himself says: “This finding shows that the vibration of sound plays a decisive role in the transformation of the cellular structure, since it acts directly in the most subtle realm of the human organism.”

Based on these findings, Maman experimented with two breast cancer patients who used the sound of their own voice three and a half hours a day for a month in a row. One of them the tumor disappeared. The other underwent an operation to remove it, and when they opened they realized “that it had been reduced and that it was completely dry.” The patient recovered completely after the operation. There is no doubt that in the Maman experiment, the intention of the patients, involved in their own healing process, gave consciousness and therefore greater power to the frequencies emitted by their own voice.

Here is an interesting video of the Fabien’s work:



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