Sound is considered as a bridge between the physical world and subtle energy.

The vibration can be perceived physically and clearly. In this case, the quartz bowls’ vibration is perceived as a gentle massage on our whole body. It can be said that they have a global effect, since the resonance that their sound produces harmonizes not only our physical body, but also our energetic body, creating a connection, a union between matter and energy. In this way, the sound of quartz bowls helps us broaden our perceptions and awaken a finer consciousness, which goes beyond the physical plane.

Awakening subtle energy is no far-fetched or esoteric matter. In a natural way, a more inclusive consciousness emerges, one in which the mind is in a state of absolute calmness, thanks to which we feel the relationship, the communion we have with ourselves, with our surroundings and with these finer planes and energies. Energies that have always been there and which, by attuning ourselves, we are able to perceive more clearly and connect to them in a deeper way.

Our own melody, incorporated into the music of the great universal orchestra that resonates in every moment of our existence.

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