sonido y armonizacion cerebral

Sound is a very useful tool to harmonize our brain.

Since the beginning of the eighties, Fernando Nottebohm and other members of Rockefeller University discovered that songbirds are able to develop new brain cells, which aroused enormous interest in science about the possible implications of this discovery for the human nervous system.

At the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in Carisbad, California, Dr. J. Thompson was able to alter alpha and zeta gamma brain waves – these are the specific waves that our brain emits in deep states of relaxation and meditation – increasing the body’s receptivity to healing. With its sound treatments, it has achieved excellent results in treating dyslexia, attention disorders and learning difficulties. Furthermore, it has been proven that certain states of consciousness significantly boost the presence of T-lymphocytes (the ones responsible for our immune system) in our bodies.

The sound-waves of quartz bowls help to establish these deep states of relaxation and peace that modern man needs so much. They lead the consciousness on an inner journey, leading to a feeling of fullness and emptiness, what the Zen masters call ‘filling oneself with emptiness’. The quartz bowls lead us to the Inner Silence thanks to which we are able to go beyond the narrow limits of the human intellect, to enter into the peace of the soul and experience our spirit, thus having the opportunity to see the world and ourselves with different eyes.

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