The Creative Power of Sound

The sound has been used since time immemorial with a purpose that goes far beyond mere musicality.

In fact many of the traditions in the world show sound as a primordial creative force.

Genesis himself says: “And God said, ‘Let there be Light,’ and the Light was made.” The Creator pronounces the name and thus creates the Light. Similarly, the god Thot in ancient Egypt pronounced the name of an object and thus made it exist.

The ancient Vedas texts of India affirm: “And at the beginning was Brahma, with whom was the word,” and it was the sound (mantra) OM the means by which the universe was created.

The Aborigines of Australia, whose tales of creation go back almost 150,000 years, say that their “totemic ancestors wandered the continent during the Time of Dreams chanting the name of everything they encountered in their wake – birds, animals, plants , rocks – and so, through singing, they created the world. ” The legends of the Hopi Indians of North America speak of the Spider Woman, who sang the song of creation to the inanimate forms of the earth and gave them life. And in the Popul Vuh of the Mayan tradition, the first real men receive life from the unique power of the voice.

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