The latest discoveries in quantum physics, the physics that studies the atomic and subatomic universe, reveal that it is no longer possible to speak of a particle of essential and indivisible matter as had been believed until a time, but of a “vacuum” from which “spontaneously “The first particle arises. That is to say, an energy vibrating that when “condensing”, when vibrating at another frequency, causes matter to arise. What we apparently judge as solid is, in reality, an illusion. Even the separation between the nucleus and the electrons that make up the atoms of any object is proportionally huge, equivalent to the distance between the Earth and the Moon. That is, they are composed mostly of “emptiness” or Akash, as the Hindus say, the essential energy present throughout the universe.

In short, the universe we know can be understood as a conglomerate of energy vibrating at different speeds, different frequencies and therefore sounds, whether they are audible to us or not, that form what Pythagoras called the Great Universal Harmony that they “compose” from the great celestial bodies up to the subatomic particles.

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