By filling a quartz bowl with water and activating its sound, geometric figures can be observed in the water. Given the enormous resonance of the bowl, when its intensity increases, the water literally “jumps” several spans above the bowl as a result of the vibration, as if it were in effervescence.

This gives us an idea of ​​the effect that these instruments produce on the body, which as we know is formed in more than 70% by water.

The sound of the bowls affects the individual in a global way. First, it balances the energy body and the chakras (energy centers) and cleans the auric field. The vibration reverberates in the spine, which acts as a powerful resonance vehicle, and spreads through the nervous system to our cells, tissues and organs.

The vibration produced by the bowls has the capacity to dissolve blockages in the physical and subtle body. They are used in cases of muscle contractures, breaks and other bone problems. The vibration of the bowls resonates and harmonizes the crystal structure present also in our skeleton.

Also, they have positive effects in cases of osteoarthritis, circulatory problems, kidney stones, depressions, neuronal problems and other multiple ailments.

In addition, they load and enhance with their vibrations floral essences and essential oils and are used in the cleaning of physical spaces.

Dr. Gaynor, director of the Department of Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Strangh-Cornell Center for Cancer Prevention in New York, has successfully used the sound of quartz bowls and other sonic techniques in hundreds of patients.

In the words of Dr. L. Gaynor, “sound can guide us, like a laser, to the very center of our essence, to the highest realization of a healthy spirit and body.”

The effect of the quartz bowls is direct: they touch our physical and energetic body, and make it vibrate, also dragging our consciousness to a higher vibration.

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