La intención

We must always remember that “sound is a carrier wave of consciousness, depending on where the consciousness of the individual is located when it creates a sound, it will carry information from that state to the person who receives it”

The INTENTION is the energetic framework in which the bowl session will be developed. If this frame is not adequate we can not assimilate correctly the vibrations of the sound. Given the powerful effect of the bowls, the correct attitude and prior attunement also acts as a protection for both the therapist and the patient, dissolving unnecessary resistances and allowing the vibrations of the bowls to be absorbed correctly and can “do their job”

We seek an empathy between our intention and the sound of the bowls. For this it is enough to take a few minutes (with the practice they can be seconds) to take our attention inside, relax the body (our resonance space) and the mind, putting our intention in Carefully listen to the vibrations of the sound.

Once the bowls sound the deep LISTENING of each nuance will be the way to further silence the mind and deepen the sound and healing they produce.

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