The quartz crystal bowls produce sounds of great intensity and purity. Its sound penetrates our body and makes us vibrate, providing an experience similar to an enormously subtle massage or a deep and serene meditation. Its vibration leads us to states of deep relaxation and well-being bringing consciousness to higher vibrational states.

Diameter 15cm 20cm 25cm 30cm 35cm 40cm 45cm
Price € 140,00 € 150,00 € 170,00 € 190,00 € 250,00 € 310,00 € 380,00


Our guarantee

Anima Quarz is the reference center for quartz crystal bowls in our country.
For more than 20 years we have been offering training courses, concerts and distributing the highest quality that currently exists in these instruments.
Our bowls are made of 99.99% pure quartz glass and have passed rigorous quality tests in sound and resistance. In addition, they have been manufactured exclusively for use in sound therapy.



The purity of the mineral and a careful manufacturing process that eliminates internal micro bubbles is fundamental for the quality of the sound and the resistance of the bowl.

There is a correlation between the seven main energy centers and the seven notes of the scale, so when choosing the bowl we can look for those frequencies that we need most physically and energetically.

In the quartz bowls we have two complete scales or octaves. Thus each note can be chosen in the serious scale (larger bowls) or in the acute scale (small bowls). The fundamental difference is that the sounds of the serious scale are more relaxing (very broad waves) while those of the acute scale are more activating (very directed waves like a laser).

Ideally, you should choose the sound with which you most “resonate”. For this we have the largest exhibition of bowls in our country, both quartz bowls and alchemical bowls.

Keep in mind that we can always advise you, in person or remotely, depending on the qualities you want to work whether you do it on a personal level or if you work with other people.

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